Geomechanics and Geotechnics

Research Projects

  • SensInfra – Development of passive seismic vibration protection by using foams, Cooperation Partner: IAB Weimar, TPH Bausysteme Gmbh, Universal Bau Gmbh,2017-2020.
  • GLUESTRENGHT - Stabilized hydro-permeable vibro replacement stone columnsCooperation partner: TU Wien, University Innsbruck, Keller Austria, DMI Berlin, BMWi, 2014-2017.
  •  ExchangeRisk - Experimental & Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas Pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk, Cooperation Partner: Univ. Bristol, AU Thessaloniki, Univ. Patras, Univ. Napoli, NGI, BU Weimar, VCE Vienna, Columbia Univ., Univ. Toronto, Hochtief, Univ. Sannio,  EU Horizon 2020, 2016-2020.
  • VIETFILL - Sustainable Reconstruction and Repair of Dikes and Earth Structures in Vietnam, Cooperation partner: Vietnam Institute of Material, Joint Stock Company for Water and Environment Hung Thangh, TPH Bausysteme Gmbh, Universal Bau Gmbh, Cristoffers Gmbh, G quadrat GmbH, IAB Weimar, BMWi, 2013-2016.
  • Sustainable design of earth work, Cooperation partner: HIB GmbH, Universal Bau GmbH, BMWi, 2012-2014.