Geomechanics and Geotechnics

Completed Thesis

  • Milad Asslan, "Evolution of small strain shear stiffness by fabric changes in granular materials", 2020
  • Henok Hailemariam, "Thermal and dielectric behavior of porous media", 2019
  • Zarghaam Haider Rizvi, "Lattice Element Method and its application to Multiphysics", 2019.
  • Hans Henning Stutz, "Hypoplastic Models for Soil-Structure Interfaces - Modelling and Implementation", 2016. 
  • Ioanna-Kleoniki M. Fontara, "Simulation of seismic wave fields in inhomogeneous half-plane by non-conventional BEM", 2015. 
  • Ahmed Al-Janabi, "Hydro-Mechanical Analysis of Unsaturated Collapsible Soils and their Stabilization", 2014.