Geomechanics and Geotechnics

Research projects

Current projects

Modelling and Numerical Simulation:

Determining of structural change of dams by advances wave based inversion and multi-phase XFEM formulations, Cooperation Partner:Bauhaus-University Weimar, Prof. Lahmer, DFG Projekt, 2017-2020.

Betonprüfverfahren - Hochfrequentes seismisches Betonprüfverfahren zur hochaufgelösten zerstörungsfreien Prüfung von großvolumigen Betonbauwerken am Anwendungsfall einer Talsperre, Cooperation partner – IPG Instandsetzungsgesellschaft GmbH, K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies, CAU Kiel, MFPA Weimar, MMWi Joint Project, 2019-2021.

EnTraEmiss - Proposal Topic: Analysis of the influence of increasing energy and traffic infrastructure on urban life quality and high technology industries by emission and propagation of vibrations. Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 2019 - 2021.


Energy Geotechnics:

ANGUS II - Effects of  using the geological underground as a thermal, electrical or material storage - Integration of underground storage technologies into the energy system transformation using the example of the Schleswig-Holstein model area, Cooperation partners: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Europa-Universität Flensburg, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Hochschule Flensburg, BMWi - joint project, 2017-2021.  Website


Material Behaviour:

ShearWall2 - Development of laboratory tests on stone masonry material composites and the development of macro elements and behavioral factors for design.IAB Weimar, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, G.W. REYE & SÖHNE GmbH & CO. KG, JASTO Baustoffwerke 2020-2022.

BewehrtePacklageKonstruktion - “Development of a fiber-binder-packing layer construction for resource minimization in soil stabilization and unbound structures in traffic infrastructures”. Project Partners: HIB Hessisches Institut für Baustoffprüfungen GbR, Universalbau GmbH Mühlhausen, IAB-Institut für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar gemeinnützige GmbH, VCE Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH. July 2018 – May 2021

Deichbauwerke - Development of an immediate waterproofing and water-side surface restoration for dyke structures, Cooperation Partners: IAB Weimer, Köster Bauchemie AG, Heinz Werner GmbH Aschara,  ZIM, 2019-2022.

BioSolidEncap - Stabilisation of Tailing slopes by controlled Bio-cementation ,  Cooperation partner: Sensatec Biosrvices Köln GmbH, BMWi/ZIM, 2018-2020.

GeomInt2 - Geomechanical integrity of host and barrier rocks - experiment, modeling and analysis of discontinuities, Cooperation partner:  Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH – UFZ (Gesamtkoordination), Institut für Gebirgsmechanik GmbH (IfG Leipzig), Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF), Universität Stuttgart, 2020-2022.

DFG-Projekt - Thermo-acoustical-mechanical rock properties under in-situ conditions.  University of Kiel, Prof. Wuttke and Dr.-Ing. Motra, DFG Project-2020-2023.

AdapBentonitTunnel - Entwicklung der Bemessungs- und Planungsgrundlage zur Ringspaltverpressung mit Polymer-Mineralstoffsuspensionen. University of Kiel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Wuttke, Dr.-Ing. Aycan Ö. Özarmut, Projekt Partner: IAB Weimar, Universalbau GmbH, FIM GmbH. BMWi/ZIM Projekt. 01.06.2021-31.07.2023

Finished projects

Modelling and Numerical Simulation:

  • SensInfra - Development of passive seismic vibration protection by using foams, Cooperation Partner: IAB Weimar, TPH Bausysteme Gmbh, Universal Bau Gmbh,2017-2020

  • ExchangeRisk - Experimental & Computational Hybrid Assessment of Natural Gas Pipelines Exposed to Seismic Risk, Cooperation Partner: Univ. Bristol, AU Thessaloniki, Univ. Patras, Univ. Napoli, NGI, BU Weimar, VCE Vienna, Columbia Univ., Univ. Toronto, Hochtief, Univ. Sannio,  EU Horizon 2020, 2016-2020. 

  • SHEARWALLModelling of fracture behavior in seismic loaded stone and brick structures, Cooperation Partner: AML GmbH, Reye & Söhne GmbH, Universalbau, BMWi, 2015-2018.
  • Simulation of seismic wave fields by non-conventional BIEM, DFG, 2013-2015
  • Advanced system identification of existing R/C bridges and buildings taking into account soil-structure interaction, Program IKYDA - Exchange and scientific cooperation between Germany and Greece, DAAD, 2012-2013
  • Seismic Waves in Laterally Inhomogeneous Geological Media with Discontinuities, Cooperation partner: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / Greece, Bulgarian Academy of Science / Bulgaria, University of Novi Sad / Serbia, NATO Collaborative Linking Grant, 2010-2012
  • Hybrid Approach to Performance Based Design in Balkan Region, Cooperation partner: Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria, University of Architecture Sofia, Bulgaria, NATO Collaborative Linking Grant, 2006-2008

Energy Geotechnics:

  • IGLU - Modelling and Assessement of intelligent geothermal Long-term heat storage by environmental sustainable behavior, Cooperation partner: Company Scheer Heat Systems and Production, CAU Kiel / GeoHydromodelling, CAU Kiel/ Geochemistry, UFZ Leipzig, BMU - joint project, 2014-2017.
  • DESCRAMBLE - Drilling in supercritical geothermal condition / part: wave velocities under thermal and anisotropic condition, Cooperation Partner: SINTEF, ENel Green Power, National Research Council of Italy, CAU Kiel / Applied Geophysics, RWTH Aachen, TU Freiberg,  EU HORIZON 2020, 2015-2018.
  • GEOMOE - Spezialized structures and materials for high-voltage offshore cable backfill and embeddingCooperation partner: Christoffers On and Subsea, APS GmbH, Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH, BMWi, 2015-2017.
  • DUOFILL - High thermal conductive geomaterial for backfill of high-voltage cables, Cooperation partner: Christoffers On and Subsea, G quadrat, IAB Weimar, BMWi, 2013-2016

Material Behaviour:

  • GEOMINT-  Geomechanical integrity of host and barrier rocks - experiment, modeling and analysis of discontinuities, Cooperation partner:  Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe (BGR), Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU), Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH – UFZ (Gesamtkoordination), Institut für Gebirgsmechanik GmbH (IfG Leipzig), Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF), Universität Stuttgart, 2017-2020. Projektförderung
  • FIBERSLAG - Development of sustainable fiber reinforced/modified embankments, Cooperation partner: Universal Bau GmbH, LZR Baur-Beton GmbH, ALTEX GmbH, BMWi, 2015-2018.
  • BodenStab - Quick stabilisation of weak soils, Cooperation partner: Kutec AG Salt Technologies, IAB Weimar, Beyer Baustoffe, IBU Hutschenreuther, Meier Bodenstabilisierung GmbH, BMWi, 2016-2019.
  • GLUESTRENGHT - Stabilized hydro-permeable vibro replacement stone columnsCooperation partner: TU Wien, University Innsbruck, Keller Austria, DMI Berlin, BMWi, 2014-2017.
  • combined delineation of subsurface structures and the assesment of rock parameters Geotechnologien, 2006-2009 Cooperation partner: Helmholtz-Centre of environmental research UFZ, Geotomography GmbH, BMBF / DFG – Special program Geotechnologien – cooperative project COMEXTECH
  • Sustainable design of earth work, Cooperation partner: HIB GmbH, Universal Bau GmbH, BMWi, 2012-2014
  • VIETFILL - Sustainable Reconstruction and Repair of Dikes and Earth Structures in Vietnam, Cooperation partner: Vietnam Institute of Material, Joint Stock Company for Water and Environment Hung Thangh, TPH Bausysteme Gmbh, Universal Bau Gmbh, Cristoffers Gmbh, G quadrat GmbH, IAB Weimar, BMWi, 2013-2016