Geomechanics and Geotechnics

Standard testing / Consulting


  • Grain size distrubution / sieve analysis / sedimentary analysis


State analysis:

  • Chalk content, Water content, Liquid and plastic limit, density and grain density, Proctor test and Modified Proctor test


Permeability test:

  • low pressure tests (sediments)
  • high pressure test (cemented material, clay, rock)


Stress-Strain & load-deformation behavior / Strenght:

  • Oedometer test, CRS oedometer, Swelling oedometer, Unsaturated oedometer
  • Direct Shear test, Vane shear test
  • Triaxial tests UU, CU, CD (salt, soils, rock)
  • True triaxial test (salt, rock, cemented soils)


Thermal soil / rock behaviour:

  • Thermal conductivity (transient and steady state test)
  • Thermal expansion
  • Coupled T-H-M tests


Geophysical soil / rock parameters:

  • P- and S-wave speed
  • Electrical resitivity
  • Dielectical constants