Geomechanics and Geotechnics


Soil Mechanics Laboratory (Research and Student Laboratories)

The following soil mechanics testing equipments are available:

  • Sieve shakers and slurry cylinders: Grain size analysis
  • Proctor mold: Proctor density
  • Analytical equipment for determination of water absorption capacity, water and lime content, organic content as well as liquid, plastic and shrinkage limits
  • Shear vane test
  • Triaxial tests: Static loading
  • Traxial tests: Cyclic loading
  • Oedometer tests: Open and closed tests, static, cyclic loading, settlement, stiffnesses, swelling pressure, heave


Rock Mechanics Laboratory (Research Laboratory)

The following rock mechanics testing equipments are available:

  • Compression testing apparatus for uniaxial tests and split tensile tests: modulus of elasticity, transverse strain index, uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength
  • Compression testing apparatus with lateral pressure control for triaxial tests: cohesion and friction angle
  • Ultrasonic measuring device (P- and S-waves): Dynamic modulus of elasticity, dynamic transverse strain index
  • Point load device: Point load index
  • Schmidt's concrete test hammer (N and L type): Rebound value


Thermal Soil and Rock Laboratory (Research Laboratory)

The following thermal test equipments are available:

  • Climatic chamber for constant temperature and humidity tests
  • Thermal needle test rig (thermal conductivity, specific heat storage coefficient)
  • Thermal plate apparatus (thermal conductivity, specific heat storage coefficient - under pressure load)
  • Thermal triax cells, encapsulated, climatic chamber (material behavior under thermal load, isothermal, cyl.)
  • Thermal Hook's cell
  • Hydraulic permeability under isothermal condition
  • True triaxial rock testing under thermal load and determination of thermal conductivity under in-situ stresses Details
  • High pressure thermal oedometer (deformation, hydraulic permeability under isothermal load)

Hydraulic Laboratory (Research and Student Laboratories)

The following hydraulic testing equipments are available:

  • Hydraulic permeability of sediments / hydrostatic loading
  • Hydraulic permeability of sediments under pressure loading (back pressure)
  • Unsaturated hydraulic conductivities

Acoustic and Geophysical Laboratory (Research Laboratory)

The following geophysical testing equipments are available:

  • Pressure testing machines with ultrasound for P-,SH-,SV wave excitation (coupled pressure and wave measurements)
  • Coaxial needles for electromagnetic measurements (dielectric measurements)
  • Oedometer cell for electromagnetic measurements (coupled pore space, settlement, stiffness, dielectricity measurements)
  • Geoelectric measurements in triaxial Karman press
  • Geophone and acceleration measurements in the field: Vibration recording and evaluation
  • Impulse hammer for excitation of structures

Soil-Structure Interaction / Technical Center

The following test facilities are available:

  • Load frame with test box for foundations and pipes, static, cyclic vertical/horizontal loading
  • Sandbox for injection analyses, dry, saturated, partially saturated
  • Measurements of deformation, stress, water content, suction stresses
  • Large cell for geothermal soil-heat exchanger interaction
  • Large soil box for embedded high-voltage cables validation tests Details